10 reasons to get published in Scopus

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The Scopus database is a large-scale resource of scientific information, which contributes to the development of professional activity of each scientist. Let us take a closer look at why researchers from all over the world choose to publish in the journals that are part of Scopus.

Title, Degree, Awards

To obtain a specific title, researchers need to fulfil a few requirements for scientific and publishing activities and publish a certain number of scientific papers in the Scopus database. Also, some universities offer an award for publication in the journals that are included in this platform. This helps to increase the scientometric indicators of the higher educational institution.  

Scientific content

Scopus is actively monitoring its reputation of the largest and highest-quality database in the world. Therefore, it creates strict conditions for the selection of scientific journals and articles. Each publication goes through a difficult phase of inclusion. There is a Content Selection Committee at Scopus that verifies the journals, and if the publication does not meet certain criteria, it is not included in the database.

Expert review

The platform also treats the selection of scientific articles that publish journals included in it very strictly. Each paper undergoes peer review, which involves researchers from different parts of the world. Such review makes every researcher who refers to Scopus content sure that its quality is beyond doubt. 

Scopus Account

After publishing the first article in Scopus, the database creates the author’s account, where all the scientific and publication information about the author is gathered. This profile has a user-friendly interface. It allows for a convenient search among millions of articles by scientists. Researchers can look for work of interest to them in various areas of science. They receive notifications of the newest articles. Scientists can research the accounts of colleagues, analyse the situation in their own area of research and much more 

Article Security

Scopus security standards are remarkably high. During the publication of articles, each publication indexed in this service should adhere to the principles of publishing and editorial ethics, preserve the integrity of the article, publication of high-quality and original material without plagiarism, etc.

Grant Financing

Thanks to publications in Scopus, a researcher can apply for grants for their studies. International commissions rely on the scientific and publication data of the scientist at the time of making the decision, so each researcher should devise a plan for the development of their activities.

Personal Rating

The strategy and the scientific publication plan based thereon will allow researchers to fulfil their scientific potential more efficiently. This will increase their scientometric indicators and open more opportunities. A highly rated scientist is always a sought-after researcher.

Authority and International Recognition

If a researcher is active in their field, publishes a lot of high-quality and advanced scientific articles, they will be surely noticed by the scientific community not only of their country, but also of other states. Such approach guarantees the recognition and enhancement of the authority of the scientist, which leads to the next point. 

Participation in Conferences

World-famous scientists are more often invited to conferences at which there is an opportunity to convey their ideas to the world scientific community, make new acquaintances, and begin fruitful cooperation with other researchers or investors.

Opportunity to Work Abroad

Access to works with indexing in Scopus opens the opportunity for scientific organizations from all over the world to contact, offer work and cooperation to researchers, become a reviewer and more, which opens more doors for successful communication in the scientific field. 

As you can see, the indexation of articles in Scopus helps to develop the scientific and publishing activities of the scientist. But often the researcher encounters difficulties at the stage of registration of work, selection of a journal for publication and its sending to the editorial staff. Therefore, so that researchers are not distracted from their activities, our company "Scientific Publications – Publ.Science" is ready to take on the process of publishing your articles in quality journals included in Scopus. To order our services, you can message us via chat, and a company specialist will contact you during the day.

We shall remind you that we have recently released material about the basic requirements for the layout of a scientific article in Scopus.


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