How index checking helps researchers avoid the trap of a low-quality journal

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Every year, scientometric databases exclude journals from their lists if the latter stop their development or start actively publishing for the sake of money. This topic is relevant and worries every researcher who is thinking about publishing their articles or has been developing one's career for a long time. It is crucial to find the journal, review its activity for a certain period and make sure that it does not get excluded from the database after some time.

Scientific and Educational Centre at Scientific Publications – Publ.Science has prepared a detailed analysis of the recent exclusion of journals, as well as unique advice on how to verify the indexing and activity of the journal and protect oneself from cooperation with substandard journals?

How index checking helps researchers avoid the trap of a low-quality journal

Presenter: Yelyzaveta Bataieva – specialist at the company's Scientific and Educational Centre

What will you learn by watching the video?

  • How can you keep your article from being published in a journal that might be excluded from the database?
  • What should be the indicators of the publication?
  • What if the journal was excluded, and your article failed to receive indexing?
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to verify the indexing of a journal, and why do it.

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The recent exclusion of journals from the Scopus database has had implications for both journals and researchers who have published their articles in such publications: many papers were left without indexing. Using the activities of one journal that was removed as an example, we described its activities and the consequences of such cooperation for the researcher. For more details, click this link to read the full blog article.

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