How to choose a scientific journal to publish an article?

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How to choose a scientific journal to publish an article?

To conducting a scientific research, to describe it in an article and to make a good layout it is not all that is required from an article in the scientometric Scopus and/or Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) database. A very important step is the choice of the journal, as well as the maintenance of official correspondence with the editors. It is important to choose a high-quality journal that best suits your research. It is important to do this so that the target audience gets acquainted with the work, and the author of the study can get the approval of their colleagues in the form of active citation. Our company has prepared some tips on how to choose a good journal for your publication and not get caught by dishonest journals. 

How to choose a scientific journal to publish an article?

► First of all, if you plan to publish in an international journal, then decide on a scientometric database.

► Review your research again, understand what disciplines it belongs to and write them out.

► Consider publications with both high and low rates, especially if the quartile is not so important to you, it is the first publication, or you need a quick publication of the article. Do not discard the option of journals that were recently included in the database. Their indicators will appear over time, but peer review and publication in them can be faster, because fewer scientific papers are sent to the editorial office for consideration.

► Before submitting an article to the journal, check its indexation in the database.

► Carefully study the website of the journal where you plan to submit your article. Browse not only the main page, but also go to other tabs, such as "About the journal", "Thematic coverage". It is vital to understand the content of the journal, what subject areas does it cover. If you still have doubts, look through the archive with full articles or only their abstracts, which will also help you understand the direction the journal is taking.

► Read the instructions for authors very carefully, review all the requirements for the article and documents that must be completed and submitted to the editor.

► Investigate the issue of payment. It is not only predatory journals that can charge money for publication fees, but also the quality ones that exist at the expense of these fees. There are different types of cooperation, when a certain amount is taken from the author in order to

  • Cover all publishing costs. In this case, the archive is open to all readers.
  • Cover part or all of the costs of publishing the article. The archive is closed for public use, but available by subscription.
  • Neither the author nor the reader pays anything. Then the archive is freely available. The journal is most often funded by some organisation or University.

Sometimes you can find the section "Submission Fee" (Advance editorial fee) on the website, which means payment only for the acceptance of the article in the editorial office, but without guarantees of the publication itself.

► Select several journals that match your subject, so that in case your article is rejected, it can be immediately submitted to another journal. But remember about publication ethics: submitting an article to several journals at once is not allowed.

As you can see, searching for journal is a rather time-consuming process. But not all scientists can spend much time selecting a publication; therefore, many researchers approach us for help in order not to be distracted from their main work.

Scientific Publications — Publ.Science has gained prestige in the scientific and publishing field and has developed reliable cooperation with many partner journals around the world. Our experts will select the best option for you and help you successfully publish your article in a quality publication. To start cooperation, leave a request on the website, and we will contact you within a day. As a reminder, we have recently released the video “Scopus. Characteristics, indicators, subtleties of posting publications”.

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