Errors in the author's profile in the Scopus database. How to fix them?

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The author's profile in the Scopus scientometric database or in any other service is important for the scientist. This affects the identification and perception of them as a researcher in the scientific community.

Errors in the author's profile in the Scopus database. How to fix them?


1. How to create a Scopus profile?


2. Why is the correct author profile so important for a scientist?

3. The most common mistakes

4. Consequences of mistakes

5. How to fix mistakes?

How to create a Scopus profile?

To create it, a scientist does not need to do any complicated steps. It is necessary to publish your article in a journal that is indexed in the Scopus database. Then the profile is created automatically. But the author will be able to enter only after indexing the second article.

Why is the correct author profile so important for a scientist?

There are many reasons why it is important for a researcher to follow the correct layout of their profile. 

  • It is their calling card in the scientific publishing world.
  • It is a source of information on scientometric indicators. The profile helps develop communication, inform colleagues, editors, and financial funds about the scientist's activities.
  • It contributes to the compilation of ratings of scientists.
  • It is a source of information during the creation of the ranking of the organisation where the scientist works. The profile reflects the activity of employees and influences the perception of the institution by other researchers.

The most common mistakes

  • Errors in the researcher's data (different publications have different information. Unfortunately, a new profile will be created for each version of transliteration. Therefore, there is a problem of duplicating the author's pages and the need to combine them).
  • The profile does not display all publications.
  • Some of the scientist's citations are missing from the list.
  • The information about the organisation where the scientist works is indicated incorrectly.
  • Change of surname/last name.
  • Poor translation.
  • Irrelevant name.
  • Incorrect abbreviation.
  • Spelling errors, etc.

Consequences of mistakes

All participants in the scientific publication process (scientist, journal, scientific organisation, university, country) suffer from errors. Data about the article, links can be lost, information about citations, scientometric indicators (number of publications, citations, h-index, impact factor, SJR, SNIP, etc.) can be distorted. This leads to the fact that achievements are difficult to analyse or the entire activity is misrepresented.

How to fix mistakes in Scopus profile?

How to fix mistakes?

It is possible to write to the editors, but the journal rarely makes edits, so it is better to contact the Scopus database. You must be a registered user of this platform. It has a Support section, with information that will help you handle your problem and make the necessary adjustments. If you complete everything correctly and send it, you should receive a confirmation letter from the specialists of the Scopus database. After that, changes will be introduced, or you may be asked to provide clarifying information. Monitor your mail until the issue is resolved.

Often our clients turn to us for various help, as well as with a request to check the profile and correct possible errors in connection with the busy professional activity. We are happy to help, and we take responsibility for solving important issues that relate to various aspects of publishing. Correcting errors, merging profiles, excluding other people's articles from the profile are also included in this scope of services.

The professionalism of the staff of the Scientific Publications company, accumulated over the years, helps us quickly resolve many issues, faster than a scientist would do unassisted. Another reason for this is that our specialists are fluent in English, so communication is more accurate and livelier.

If you need any help related to the scientific and publishing area, contact via chat online or any form of communication on the website. Our specialists will get back to you during the day. We are looking forward to collaborating with you!

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