Search in Scopus: the basic tools

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Nowadays, Scopus is one of the largest abstract and citation database containing a huge amount of peer-reviewed articles, scientific journals and important information. For this reason the scientist has to learn the search system of this database in order to find his/her colleagues, other scientists, journals for publication; to make an analysis on the activities of publishers, scientific organizations, universities and etc. that help him/her to develop his/her professional activity.  The scientific-teaching center of the company “Scientific publications – Publ.Science” has prepared a new video where they tell about basic tools of the database for successful search in Scopus

Search in Scopus: the basic tools

The speaker: Yelizaveta Batayeva – the specialist of the scientific-teaching center of the company “Scientific publications – Publ.Science”.

The video tells us about following basic tools

• Search for the author.

• Search for the article.

• Search for the peer-reviewers.

• Analysis and the journals’ activity observation

• Analysis of potential of the research field.

• Observation of open access (OA) outcomes.

The company “Scientific publications – Publ.Science” calls all researchers to subscribe to their Youtube-channel to track all new videos related to scientific-publication activities of the scientists.



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