Verification of the journal indexing in the Scopus database. Why is it so important?

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Before selecting a journal for publication in Scopus, it is necessary to conduct a serious analysis of the publication's activities. For this, scientists use the Scopus search engine or contact our company so as to save their time. First of all, you need to verify whether the journal is indexed in the database, and only after that study its other indicators. 

Проверка индексации журнала в базе данных Scopus.  Почему это так важно?

Why is it necessary to verify the journal for indexing in the database?

  1. So that the article to be published in the journal is accepted upon defence.
  2. To secure a scientific article from publication in the "predator" journal.
  3. To be able to apply for a grant or other funding.

Step-by-step verification instructions

1. Go to the search engine of the Scopus platform, find the "Sources" section and enter the journal data. This can be the title of the journal or ISSN, which is a more reliable way to search.

* As an example, we are using the Scopus Preview to demonstrate that information can be obtained even without basic platform access.

Поисковая система базы данных Scopus. Научные публикации - Publ.Science Казахстан

Поисковая система базы данных Scopus. Научные публикации - Publ.Science Казахстан

2. Go over to the page of the journal you are interested in and see the years of coverage of the journal. If it is indexed, the "Years of Scopus Coverage" section will indicate the beginning of indexing and the mark "ongoing".Годы охвата журнала в Scopus. Научные публикации - Publ.Science Казахстан

Difficulties that may arise during verification

1. Very often, a scientist is faced with the problem of irrelevant information about the indexing of a publication. For example, we took the Journal of Reviews on Global Economics, which was delisted in February this year. In general, the Scopus platform takes up to 4 weeks to update the information, but it often happens that it is very late. Therefore, it becomes more difficult to find out the data about the indexing of the journal.

Журнал, который был исключен из базы данных Scopus. Научные публикации - Publ.Science Казахстан

Journal status as of 29.05.2020

Годы охвата Scopus. Научные публикации - Publ.Science Казахстан

2. Scientists also contact us, claiming that the journal is not indexed, because in the years of coverage section the previous year (2019) is specified. This information does not yet say anything about the exclusion of the journal from the database, but it requires verification, and our specialists are ready to provide verification of the publication for indexing in Scopus for the current year.

If you still have doubts, you can go to the Scopus Contents section and verify for the availability of this year's articles. In addition, this section will help track the publication dynamics of the journal and draw conclusions about the quality of its work.

Чем может помочь раздел Содержание Scopus? Научные публикации - Publ.Science Казахстан


Important! Look out for the "Scopus Coverage terminated" entry. This is a 100% confirmation that the journal is excluded.


Охват в Scopus прекращен. Научные публикации - Publ.Science Казахстан

If you have any questions, please contact our specialists using the chat on the website. They will consult you and help solve your problem. 

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