Scopus has updated the CiteScore calculation

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An important and long-awaited event has taken place in the field of scientometrics – Scopus has updated the formula for calculating the CiteScore indicator.

Scopus has updated the CiteScore calculation

What does the new formula look like?

Новая формула расчета CiteScore

CiteScore is a new metric standard that helps scientists measure the impact of citing journals, book series, and conference proceedings. These metrics are comprehensive, transparent, relevant, and free, greatly helping scientists around the world to analyse where to publish their research results.

In scientometrics, there are two golden rules for research metrics

1. Always use both qualitative and quantitative analysis in your decisions;

2. Always use more than one research metric from the list of metrics for each analysis.

CiteScore indicators comprise eight metrics

  • CiteScore
  • CiteScore Tracker
  • CiteScore Percentage
  • CiteScore Quartiles
  • CiteScore Rating
  • Number of links
  • Number of documents
  • Percentage of citations

You can get a detailed analysis of the meaning of the updated formula, all the CiteScore indicators and their benefits for scientists, librarians, information specialists, publishers, and editors in a special video release from the Scientific and Educational Centre at the Scientific 

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