Scientometrics webinar cycle: registration is open

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On May 12, the information cycle of webinars on scientometrics “Main metrics of modern science. Scopus and Web of Science". The organiser of these online meetings is the Scientific and Educational Centre of the company "Scientific publications – Publ.Science".

Scientometrics webinar cycle: registration is open

These webinars will be useful to all scientists who are interested in the development of their scientific publication activities, and also want to know more details regarding the main stages of publication of articles in international journals that are included in Scopus, and also to understand the problems that researchers face during the preparation of a scientific article.


Webinar topics

  • Scientometrics 101. The main metrics of modern science.
  • Fundamentals of Scopus. Self-publishing issues.
  • Fundamentals of Web of Science. Self-publishing issues
  • Subtleties of scientific consulting. How to save time when publishing?

What will the scientist get after going through all the online meetings?

► information on all changes in the field of scientometrics and scientific publications;

► information about important scientometric indicators for the analysis of their activities, as well as about international bibliographic databases;

► analysis of the main stages of preparation of scientific articles;

► understanding how to plan scientific publication activities and gain recognition in the scientific community.

Presenter: Yelyzaveta Bataieva – specialist of the Scientific and Educational Centre.

Participation in the webinars is free, but you have to sign up. After listening to 3 or all webinars, the participant receives a certificate.

Important: webinars will be held daily in Russian.

As a reminder, we have recently released the video "Web of Science. Structure, indicators, subtleties of posting".

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