Publication in Scopus

Guaranteed protection of scientific article. The publication in this database promotes the researcher along their career ladder (rank, degree) and contributes to the implementation of the scientific and publication plan.

Publication in Web of Science (Thomson Reuters)

Article Archive. The most profound article archive (publications since 1840), which every researcher can refer to in order to supplement their article.

Publication in the KKSON

Scientific activity development. Publications in the journals of the Control Committee in Education and Science under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (CCES or KKSON) help scientists obtain titles, degrees, and grow professionally.

Publication in ERIH+, JSTOR etc.

World scientific literature. Working with these databases opens opportunities for a scientist to get acquainted with journals and works published by foreign scientists.

Hirsch index increase

Financing. Researchers with high scientific indicators are more likely to qualify for grants and financial support for projects.


Citation in article. In addition to a competent translation, it is very important to correctly layout these links, verify their number so that it does not exceed the permissible norm, and the author is not suspected of plagiarism.

Publication in VAK, RSCI

Financing. Increasing the number of quality publications will help the researcher qualify for financial aid and grant support.


Indexing control. After the publication of an article in a journal, it is necessary to check it in the database in which the journal is included.

Academic Translation

Passing review. It is easier for foreign reviewers to familiarize themselves with the article translated into English, this will simplify the writing of a positive rating.

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