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The publications of articles in the lists of the VAK and the RSCI are relevant for national scientists, but it is important to understand their differences and nuances for successful publication.

The Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) is a state body that exists in Russia. It is responsible for attestation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers at the state level. The Higher Attestation Commission provides a recommended list of peer-reviewed articles for the publication of the main scientific results of the dissertation for the degree of candidate and doctor of sciences.

The Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) is a scientometric database that indexes scientific journals, scientific articles, monographs, conference reports, patents, and other works.

The journals that are part of the VAK and the RSCI make serious demands on each article, which is important for the researcher to take into account during its preparation. The specialists of the Scientific Publications company help to finalise, edit the article so that it meets these requirements and is guaranteed to be reviewed in journals from the list of VAK and RSCI.

If you need publication in the VAK or indexing in the RSCI, the Scientific Publications company will help you achieve this. Contact our specialists via chat or fill out the contact form on the website, and you we will reply within a day.

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Layout of the article and list of references

Academic translation

Translation proofreading by a native speaker

Selection of a scientific journal

Correspondence with the editorial board

Personal client manager support

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Article indexing in the database

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Why choose VAK or RSCI for publication?

  • Scientific publication plan. Thanks to publications in the VAK and the RSCI, the scientists successfully develop their scientific strategy, control the publication deadlines for the implementation of the research plan, and successfully receive titles and degrees.
  • Financing. Increasing the number of quality publications will help the researcher qualify for financial aid and grant support.
  • Quality journals. It is important for every scientist that his or her article is published in a quality journal. The lists of the VAK and the RSCI contain many journals that are most suitable for your study.
  • Citation quality. The journals included in the databases of the VAK and the RSCI are based on very strict requirements for scientific articles, allowing each scientist to get acquainted with important discoveries in their line of study and to use them to expand their research.

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Scientific Publications – Publ.Science is an international company and the location of our offices is not limited to several countries. We are constantly working to expand the sphere of our cooperation, open new offices around the world, study domestic legislation and requirements of other countries to provide award-winning services.

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Scientific consulting professionals
Each project is overseen by company specialists with unique experience in the field of scientometrics and scientific consulting.
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A personal manager is assigned to work with each client, leading the latter's research project from the application filing to the article publication.
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Our employees use an individual approach to each client, which ensures the provision of qualified aid to each researcher.
Confidentiality and copyright reservation
For us, the priority is the preservation of confidential information and client's copyright protection.
Collaboration prospects
Scientific Publications – Publ.Science collaborates with researchers all over the globe, and our list of partner journals is growing every day.