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Articles written in co-authorship are considered very popular in the international scientific community. Such shared research work involves the collaboration of several scientists on the same subject matter. Each researcher makes their contribution and remains an author on parity. A cooperation agreement is signed with them, where all conditions are indicated.

A co-authored paper implies promising opportunities for a scientist, especially if it is published in an international journal, which is included in foreign scientometric databases (Scopus, Web of Science, RSCI, etc.). But this is not always a quick process and one needs to be prepared for this.

The company Scientific Publications – Publ.Science promotes the search for co-authors for common work on the paper, as we are negotiating and collaborating with many researchers around the world. We are developing international co-authorship and publishing scientific papers in foreign scientometric platforms. Thanks to their experience, our specialists organize the publication of an article on a turnkey basis as soon as possible.

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Why does a scientist need to use a publication in co-authorship?

  • International cooperation. The articles written in co-authorship help to establish contacts not only with domestic scientists, but also with foreign ones, which, in turn, allows to distribute the payment for the publication fee between the authors.
  • Further perspectives. Such cooperation helps to work with other scientists, and this opens new opportunities for the exchange of experience and ideas, which entails the expansion of opportunities and the following publications
  • Precious experience. If the researcher does not yet have publication experience, then for them this is a good opportunity to acquire it and begin their research and publishing activity.

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Signing a contract is a prerequisite for cooperation

Official agreement with Scientific publications - Publ.Science company
  • Confidentiality in the project governance
  • All copyrights reserved
  • Timely publication guarantee

Scientific Publications – Publ.Science performs work officially and exclusively within the legal framework. Initially, a model contract is signed with each client, which becomes a legal guarantee for the researcher and one of the foundations for successful cooperation.

In our work, the trust of our customers is crucial, therefore we carefully and responsibly oversee the performance of each item of the contract.

Scientific Publications – Publ.Science is an international company and the location of our offices is not limited to several countries. We are constantly working to expand the sphere of our cooperation, open new offices around the world, study domestic legislation and requirements of other countries to provide award-winning services.

Почему нашу компанию выбирают ученые со всего мира?
Scientific consulting professionals
Each project is overseen by company specialists with unique experience in the field of scientometrics and scientific consulting.
Researcher's project support
A personal manager is assigned to work with each client, leading the latter's research project from the application filing to the article publication.
Personal and comprehensive approach
Our employees use an individual approach to each client, which ensures the provision of qualified aid to each researcher.
Confidentiality and copyright reservation
For us, the priority is the preservation of confidential information and client's copyright protection.
Collaboration prospects
Scientific Publications – Publ.Science collaborates with researchers all over the globe, and our list of partner journals is growing every day.